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Large Item Pick Up

Before registering, please read these guidelines carefully:

The following are guidelines for the Large Item pick up collection day:

  • Houses with back alleys must have their large items put out at the front of the property for collection.
  • Be sure to move items such as basketball hoops, hockey nets, lawnmowers, bicycles etc. away from the end of your driveway so it does not get picked up by accident.
  • All items must be less than six feet by three feet (1.8 metres x 0.9 metres) and weigh less than 200 lbs (90 kg). No Exceptions! Loose items must be bundled.  This is not intended for home renovation item clean up. 

Some examples of acceptable items for collection include:

  • stoves, barbecues, propane tanks up to 30 pounds, washer & dryers.
  • lawnmowers (fluids must be drained), furniture, mattresses & box springs.
  • rain barrels, wheelbarrows, sinks, snow blowers (fluids must be drained), lawn furniture.
  • toilets, bricks, garden hoses.                                                

Items which are not acceptable for collection include:

  • items weighing more that 200 lbs and/or larger than six feet, automotive parts.
  • propane tanks greater than 30 pounds.                               

Fridges, freezers, and air conditioning units will not be picked up unless they have a Freon sticker that can be purchased at the Town Office (5025 - 50 Avenue) for $25.00 per sticker. Items containing Freon without stickers will not be picked up.

A reminder that, although large item pick up DOES include electronics, our local 4H club will be collecting electronics and tires for their annual fundraising at the 4H Electronics Round Up event on May 13 from 9:00 -12:00 p.m outside of Public Works yard (North of Highway 28 on 57 Street). 

Thank you to the Bon Accord Fire Department for assisting in this event!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - Deadline is June 22 at 3 p.m.

Questions? Please call Community Services Manager, Lila Quinn, at 780-921-3550 or email