Family & Community Support Services

For Families.  For Youth.  For You.

Bon Accord Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a partnership between the Provincial Government and the Municipal Government.

The Community Services Advisory Board was established in 1984 by the Town of Bon Accord to serve the families of Bon Accord.  We provide programming of a preventative nature designed to enhance, strengthen, and stabilize family and community life in Bon Accord. Another major functions is to promote, encourage, and facilitate volunteers and the use of volunteers in our community.

Development of our programs comes about as a result of clearly identified social needs. Through cooperation and coordination with allied service agencies operating within our community, we strive to meet those social needs in their initial stages.

Volunteer Coordination
Community Services encourages and promotes volunteers in a variety of community programs.  Volunteer groups and individual volunteers play a large part in all of the community events including Family Day, Canada Day, and Winter Wonderland.

Volunteers enhance our community by running many of the programs and activities our community needs.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart" - Elizabeth Andrew

Group Support
Groups offering service in the Town are welcome to apply for financial assistance if their purpose fits within the Community Services mandate.  An example of such a group is Block Parents.

Information and Referral

A community with a population base as small as Bon Accord cannot provide all the human and social services needed by families. One of our major functions is to refer people to appropriate agencies, as the need requires.   We have an extensive listing of agencies and resources available. Community Services can assist groups, families, or individuals in their search for the best possible services. Example: Counseling services, government service information, referral to existing support groups, etc. If we are not aware of any agency providing a service required by our residents, we will do our utmost to research the alternatives and bring options back.

Bon Accord Gibbons Food Bank

Sturgeon Adult Learning

Sturgeon Victim Services

Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation
Supports for individuals & families living with domestic violence