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Waste Collection / Recycling

Bon Accord has weekly residential waste and biweekly curbside recycling pick-up, on Fridays.  This is a contracted service provided by Green for Life Environmental (GFL).

To ensure your waste and recycling is picked up, please ensure to your tote(s) and blue bag are curbside by 7 am.

Every home owner is provided with two totes, one for household waste and one for organic material.  In addition, Bon Accord participates in a "Blue Bag" recycling program.

  • Household waste is collected every Friday
  • Organic waste is collected every Friday; May 15 through November 15
  • Recycle material (Blue Bag) is collected Fridays on a biweekly basis

View our Garbage, Recycling & Organic Collection Schedule

Please ensure to place your tote(s) where the garbage truck has access to them, by ensuring that vehicles are not parked in front or on the side of your or your neighbours' vehicle. View proper placement of Waste Collection Totes.

Where does it go.....STOP THINK SORT

Additional Information

With the completion of the Solar Farm the Lagoon site, located  on the southside of highway 28, is once again open to Bon Accord residents for disposal of grass clippings, trees and branches, during regular business hours.  Please contact the Town Office at 780-921-3550 to make arrangements for access.

Organic Waste Policy

Roseridge Landfill

Bon Accord is a member of the Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission. Roseridge landfill is located west of Highway 28 on Highway 642, ½ mile south on Range Road 251. For hours of operation, please refer to Roseridge Waste Management website.

A landfill permit is required to use the regional landfill. Permits are issued to the property owner by the Town. They are available at the Town Office free of charge. Landfill rates are set in the Waste Bylaw.

Landfill permit application