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Business License

Why do I need a business license and how do I get a business license?
Business licenses are required for individuals or groups who operate or sell goods/services in the Town of Bon Accord.

Business License Application Form

How to apply:


  • Print the form and mail or bring the completed application into the Town office


  • Fill out an application in person at the Town office

A business license is issued upon verification of information and payment.

Business License - What’s Included? 

  • Complementary advertising on Commercial Electronic Sign (business within/outside of Bon Accord, holding a valid Bon Accord business license)
  • Complementary listing on the Town of Bon Accord website Business Directory 
  • Advertising on the Community Event Sign for minimal cost
  • Complementary event postings on the Town of Bon Accord website Event Calendar
  • Events can be shared on the Town of Bon Accord Facebook page
  • Verbal referrals

Benefits to Business Owner 

  • All benefits noted above, PLUS
  • Worthwhile investment; relatively inexpensive and can be used as a tax write-off
  • Shows customers that you are a legitimate business that complies with local bylaws and regulations
  • Offers validation and gives you the documentation necessary to apply for a business bank account and/or business loan if required
  • Provides the Town with critical information that can assist in the event of an emergency

Benefits to the Community 

  • Provides a fair environment for all businesses operating in the Town
  • Provides a registration system where a community can track its economic development and use the registry as a resource for business planning 
  • An available inventory of resources available to the Town's residents 
  •  Ensures the public health and safety regulations are addressed by business, for public access 
  • Combined with the development approval process, ensures that building codes and zoning are adhered to and other restrictions have been enforced