2022 Christmas Hampers

October 2022

Important Notice to Clients from Bon Accord Gibbons Food Bank regarding Christmas hampers and December hamper schedule. 

We are now accepting applications for Christmas hampers.  The Christmas hampers are not in place of regular hampers and are a separate request process which is detailed below. 

Christmas Hamper Request Form

Christmas Hampers consist of a Christmas Dinner/Breakfast and gifts for children 17 and under.    

  • Forms for Christmas hampers are available at the Food Bank, Family Resource Centre or through our email.  Forms will also be included with monthly hampers.  All areas on the form must be completed 
  • Forms must be returned to the Food Bank by November 30. They can be emailed to bonaccordgibbonsfoodbank@gmail.com or dropped off at the Food Bank or Family Resource Centre at 5016-50 Street, Gibbons Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM. 
  • To ensure accuracy, we strongly encourage all clients to fill out a form and return it rather than placing a request by phone. 
  • Christmas hamper pick up is Saturday, December 17, 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. We will not call to remind you of pick up so please ensure you set yourself a reminder. If you cannot pick up this day arrangements must be made prior to this date, we will not hold your hamper after pickup time. 

Thank You 

Bon Accord Gibbons Food Bank