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Canada's 1st International Dark Sky Community

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Bon Accord

The Town recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability as a key prerequisite to a successful community. Taking a leadership role in this regard means protecting our green spaces.


Over the upcoming years, as our community grows and our population becomes more diverse, we will continue to promote and foster a caring and inclusive community where environmental sustainability is a critical pillar of our development program.


Today’s actions will serve to protect and preserve environmental areas for future generations.


The Town has embraced an integrated community sustainability program to ensure long term viability and sustainability. The plan includes goals to garner and increase community support, focus on business development, retention and attraction of families, as well as an implementation of a plan for infrastructure expansion and replacement. Underlying these goals is the importance of ensuring responsible environmental management.


Our Town is, and will continue to be, viable and sustainable - both economically and

environmentally.   Our plan is multi-faceted but includes operating objectives that instills community pride and provides for growth related initiatives.



PO Box 779

5025 - 50 Avenue

Bon Accord  AB

T0A 0K0

780 921 3550