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New Development

Dandelion Renewables will develop, permit, construct, commission and operate a 630KW Solar Farm under the Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP), specifically to reduce power consumption for the Town’s infrastructure (residential not applicable).  Steps currently completed:  

  • Pile testing
  • Preliminary engineering 
  • Micro-generation submitted
  • Fortis connection service application submitted
  • AMSP funding approved
  • Public Information session

A development permit has been approved through Sturgeon County as the lagoon site is located in Sturgeon County.  Site layout presents a footprint of 4 acres, fencing with 6’ chain link with barbwire, 6 rows of solar arrays (3.5M high – 1723 solar arrays in total) and interconnection to Fortis 3-phase.

There are numerous benefits to the residents of the town:

  • Project capitol expenditure is estimated at $1.1M (portion supported by grant funding)
  • Investment in the solar farm is expected to yield 9.4% unlevered return
  • Project generation covers most of the Towns infrastructure annual consumption
  • Provides risk mitigation for the Town to volatile power prices
  • Solar project promotes the Town solar resource and attracts future investments into area
  • Proposed solar development has a very low environmental impact and utilizes the land which is not desirable for other developments

Anticipated start date of construction, end of April 2020 (weather permitting) with a desired completion date of July 2020 (weather permitting).

As per Councils Strategic Plan, the Solar Micro Generating Project realizes Priority 1 – “Town of Bon Accord Has A Structured Plan in Place for Steady, Positive Growth”.  

The land is districted as a “Public Utility District “, which is a permitted use for the Solar Micro Generating Project.  This will be one of the first permitted projects of this kind in Sturgeon County.   

The project was completed with funding from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC), a partnership of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA).

Click here for a video showing the progress on the completed Solar Farm.

Micro Developments has been approved to develop a small-scale Micro Cultivation Cannabis Production Facility located on the north side of 54th Ave across from 47th Street.  This development is not a commercial retail operation for the sale of cannabis products.   The facility will be a secure and controlled cannabis growing facility subject to provincial and federal regulations in addition to municipal requirements.  

Concurrently, Micro Developments is in the process of completing the building permit, with demolition of existing buildings to be completed prior to October 31, 2020. Extensive landscaping, fencing, security, and dust abatement are a requirement of the development conditions, inclusive of parking, loading, garbage collection, and onsite storm water management.

First phase of the development will be a 24,000 sq. ft facility on 2.36 acres to house 3 micro cultivation units.  Growers for the three facilities have been secured and collectively bring a wealth of business and growing acumen to the project.

The development will create a much-needed economic diversification opportunity to the Town.   This development is anticipated to provide benefits to the residents, including local employment and diversity to the tax base, while having minimal offsite impacts. The facility will cultivate cannabis and distribute cannabis exclusively to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. Further information is available on this impressive project Micro Cultivation Facility Overview – Bon Accord Micro Cultivation Land.   

As per Councils Strategic Plan, the Micro Cultivation Cannabis Facility realizes Priority 1 – “Town of Bon Accord Has A Structured Plan in Place for Steady, Positive Growth”.  

The land is districted as a “Direct Control (DC1) “, which is a permitted use for the Micro Cultivation Cannabis Facility and is within the industrial area on the future land use map (LUB).    

In June 2020, the Town of Bon Accord sought funding in the form of Fortis Alberta’s $2500.00 Community Naturalization and Tree Planting Grant for our walking trail project. We are excited to enhance our community by providing a safe, welcoming, and beautiful walking trail along 51 Avenue in the Town of Bon Accord. The area we envision includes a calm, meandering path with green spaces, benches, native shade and pollinator trees, solar lighting, recycle and waste bins, a dog waste station, and interpretive signs. The walking trail will also double as a bus stop for students.

This project aligns with Fortis Alberta's business focuses of safety, education and environment, and will serve as a place to escape into nature within our community, contributing to overall wellness of residents and visitors alike.

In July 2020, the Town of Bon Accord was awarded the grant, which will assist in the cost of planting trees, flowers and shrubs as this project unfolds.

Click here to see all recipients of Fortis Alberta's Community Naturalization and Tree Planting Grant