What is annexation?

Annexation is the legal process of transferring land from one municipality to another.



The Town of Bon Accord has considered various options for annexation.  Even though there is undeveloped land within the existing municipal boundary, development has stalled.  In addition there is very little commercially-zoned land which can support new development.  Annexation of additional developable lands was seen as a means to spur development as highway frontage is attractive for commercial development.  Moreover, there is sufficient land for residential development “behind” the highway frontage.


Notice of Intention to Annex Submitted

On September 15, 2015, Bon Accord Council approved a motion directing Administration to provide a Notice of Intention to Annex to Sturgeon County and the Municipal Government Board and to begin the process of formal negotiations on the annexation.








In March 2016 the area for annexation was revised to include three (3) quarter sections located north and west of the corporate limits.

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